Elena Stevanato was born in Noale (VE) in 1980, from childhood she has always had a passion for art and photography. She graduated from the Modigliani Art School in Padua and, after attending the nocturnal photography courses at the Irfoss Institute in Padua for two years, she decided to open a photography studio specializing in family and children’s portraits.

Other of her passions are the volcanoes, and for this reason she dedicates her holidays to the island of Lanzarote, which thanks to its contrasting colors, its lunar landscapes and her strength and energy are converted into her inspiring muse she.

After spending a lot of time capturing innumerable images of the island from different perspectives and points of view, she began to broaden her field of vision, to observe more carefully and carefully, thus discovering a fascinating microcosm that is the volcanic rocks.

The volcanic rocks are also converted into her favorite sujeto; with their shapes, colors and singularities, they are transformed into beautiful works of art.